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Welcome to Mujeres Libres; a celebration of the struggle of the Zapatista Women
(under [re]construction in 2012)

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This website is dedicated to Zapatista Women as well as Zapatismo. It is not to alienate our compañeros, but a response to the fact that there are no comprehensive and updated websites in English that are dedicated to Zapatista women. Any revolutionary movement that does not include the full participation of women will be fundamentally limited in what it can achieve. Zapatista women have been an inspiration to men, women, children and entire movements all over the world. They are the glue of the Zapatista movement. They have managed to help transform a campesino movement against oppression into a universal movement for humanity and another world.

This is a site about work. Solidarity work. Culture as a weapon. Cooperative work and an alternative economy.

This is a place for research and collaboration. If you have written something or know of a good piece on Zapatista women, please email contact us.

A site on Zapatista women is also a reponse to people's general inclination to focus, when they think and speak of the Zapatistas, on the white, western educated male (sucomandante Marcos), which though Marcos is rightly admired and respected, also exposes society's ingrained sexism, racism and love of "the spectacle." All the parts make a whole, and women and the “feminine” aspects of the Zapatista movement have kept the movement from collapse and mark the evolved character of this guerrilla movement in retrospect to the Central American insurgencies of Che and the Cold War where, though women rose up and were very participatory in these uprisings, they were still marginalized and defined by a masculine struggle and values.  

Along with being woman centered, this website aims to be a place to engage in and discuss alternative economies and possibilities, globalization and capitalism, as well as the problematics of the “Fair Trade” as its current movement.

The domain name of this site was originally purchased to host a different project that never came to fruit. Mujeres Libres was the name of a group of very active anarchist women during the Spanish Civil War (during which, with the crumbling of the Spanish state, anarchism as a way of social organization flourished for a couple of years). Mujeres Libres is Spanish for Free Women. The words "free women" however can't belong to one group for long, but do embrace all women who struggle for autonomy and justice. Thus, when I decided to make a site dedicated to Zapatista Women, I felt the name worked perfectly.

If you would like to make any additions or corrections to this website, please write to: .